Community Feature Teachers   Regional Partnerships School
The Regional Partnership School (RPS) is an educational partnership between Pojoaque Valley Schools (PVS), New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU), and the Laboratory’s Math and Science Academy.

The RPS will:

  • Develop new teachers through a multi-year teacher clinical residency program,
  • Develop a public school system that is grounded in continuous professional learning, and
  • Create a model for educational leaders and policy makers. 

The RPS is something new to New Mexico that integrates previously independent sectors of our educational system to provide a holistic approach to educator development and professional learning. The purpose of the RPS is to work collaboratively to develop a system which integrates coordinated professional development for 4th - 8th grade teachers and incoming teachers from the NMHU school of education to improve student academic performance.

The RPS is intended to provide pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, and principals the opportunity to improve their practices.

Implementation of the plan started in the 2018-19 school year, with the five-year program following the professional development school approach that has enjoyed success across the country. In this model a school becomes a center of excellence in teacher development in much the same way as a teaching hospital fosters the development of doctors and medical research.

It is also intended to be a model of innovation for New Mexico educators and policy makers. The RPS will be the first school in the state to partner strategically with a school district, university pre-service program and a major employer.

Theory of Action Statement 

Through the development of a professional development school that embraces collaboration among K-12, higher education, and a major employer, that is structured around job-embedded professional learning driven by continuous improvement, culturally responsive and evidence-based practices, and transformational leadership, we expect that preservice and in-service teachers engaged in a culture of innovation, will develop evidenced-based practices and significantly improve teaching and learning that will support student achievement.