Giving takes many forms at the Laboratory

The diverse workforce at Los Alamos National Laboratory lends its time, talent, voice and support to many causes that concern the citizens of Northern New Mexico.

Laboratory employees are committed to community service, and work to improve the quality of life for people in the region through giving their time, talent and money to STEM projects and other nonprofit activities that benefit the region. When employees give of themselves, they demonstrate their collective ability to build a stronger and more vibrant community in Northern New Mexico.

Employee Giving Campaign

Improving the quality of life in the state.

  • Employee Giving Campaign

    Supporting a range of nonprofits with donations and gifts.

  • Los Alamos Employees' Scholarship Fund

    Helping talented area students pay for college.

    Community Feature   Scholarship Fund
  • Food Drive

    Helping Northern New Mexico families facing hunger.

  • Back to School Drive

    Supporting students as they start a new year.

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  • Volunteering

    Making a difference with employee time and talent.

  • Blood Drives

    Saving lives with blood donations.

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2021 Highlights

A new Community Technical Assistance program allowed nonprofit, tribal, and non-Federal government entities in Northern New Mexico to access the unique expertise and capabilities of the Laboratory on a variety of technical challenges at no cost to the organizations. Among the first projects was a data sprint in which LANL data scientists partnered with Northern New Mexico College and Santa Fe Community College to investigate student retention rates and risk factors at those institutions.

The Laboratory organized 12 blood drives with 393 donors giving 469 units of blood, enough to save 1407 lives.

Hosted a Community Conversation online event for more than 90 regional nonprofit leaders outlining new ways the Laboratory can assist nonprofits, and offering an expert-led session on running successful volunteer programs.

A virtual Food Drive received donations of $41,724 for the Food Depot which equates to 166,894 meals provided to tackle food insecurity in the region.

New Time & Talent program launched, under which employees who track their volunteer time with Northern New Mexico nonprofits make those nonprofits eligible to enter a draw for a $500 grant from LANL operator Triad.

Grants and Sponsorships

Learn how your nonprofit can apply for grants and sponsorships that focus on economic diversity, K-12 STEM education, and broad community support.


Giving Campaigns
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Drives & Volunteering
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